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  • Secure Mail Application

    The Internet has extended our means of communications and we have trusted it an unbelievable amount of our private data. Although every now and then we hear that somewhere somebody has stolen some information, we still think that it is far away and wouldn't ever happen to us. We trust those who have lost that trust long ago.

    When you trust your data to the Internet you certainly lose control over your information. And if you cannot control your data you should consider it compromised. You never know who accessed your, for instance, e-mail letter before it gets to the recipient. Some of us just don't care, the others are kept in blissful ignorance.

    Your privacy is under threat.

    Every time you send a message over the Internet you can't be sure that it is protected from the prying eyes. It's more like sending a postcard but not a sealed envelope.

    Who wants your data?

    Hackers, business competitors, advertising agencies or even a government need your private data. They can listen to the information coming from your IP-address, hack your mail account, gain access to your device via malware, enforce your mail service provider to disclose your data or even get a physical access to your device.

    How to protect?

    In a perfect world your information will never leak…

    In the real world you have to protect yourself:

    Go offline - 99% protection, 0% usability

    Encrypt everything with a strong 150-character passwords


    Never send sensitive information over the Internet


    We have a solution - Secure Mail Mobile Application!

    Maximum protection

    No more data leakage, neither en-route, nor from storage

    No feasible ways to recover your data

    Zero knowledge

    Safe storage

    Easy to use

    Works with every e-mail provider

    Your e-mail client you can trust.

    SenseMail App.

    Available on the Apple's AppStore.

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