Why SenseMail is made the way it was made?

We have no own servers*

Below we compare advantages and disadvantages of having or not having a server.

Own server advantages:

  • Additional security — keep no irrelevant data
  • Anonymity - can keep no IP info
  • Easier app setup – can make setup easier because we know all the parameters and settings for the mail server
  • Can implement such useful features as message expiration and message revocation, etc.
  • More control over the data

No own server advantages:

  • Additional security — there's nothing to hack
  • We have no access and we do not keep any information, so, upon a request we cannot give up any information, even encrypted.
  • You can use any e-mail address you want
  • Transparent pricing. We can get a one-time fee for the app or make it free – no monthly or annual fees to maintain servers
  • We use public infrastructure, the app is more flexible, you can switch to another e-mail provider if you needed

* Recently, we have deployed a server for a forthcoming release push notifications to check and alert for new mail. This server does not keep any personal data or anything that might help get unauthorized access to your information. It keeps only a push-notification device ID, provided by Apple and a date (but no time) of your last visit. If you don't want this feature, you can disable it and the app won't send anything to that server. By the way, a default setting is to disable push.

We do not collect any analytics

Virtually every application uses some kind of analytics to collect data about its performance, sales, usage etc. We decided not to use any kind of analytics to eliminate any irrelevant traffic. You can be sure that the application connects only to the servers you specify and nowhere else. There are no possible channels of data leakage.

We do not tell you that a password is incorrect

No easy ways for a cracker. To prove that a password is valid a cracker needs to get to the end of the start process. There's no way to save time and discard a wrong guess, so cracking a password becomes more time-consuming. So, if you've launched the app and there's nothing inside, don't worry, most likely you have entered a wrong password.

We do not let you save e-mail drafts but we have secure notes

Everything that is kept on a device is protected with a stronger password. If you decide to keep a note, you know what you are doing. If an app decided to save a draft, you might be unaware of that.

We prefer using more time-consuming operations to increase the security

A short delay opening a letter is not noticeable to a user, but it is a huge problem for a hacker – trying hundreds or thousands or even millions passwords for a second or just a mere couple of passwords makes a big difference between an app that is easily cracked or an app that can't be cracked in a reasonable time frame. See our article about passwords

We don't use TouchID

We don't use TouchID. We don't think that it is insecure, but it breaks one feature of SenseMail – multiple accounts. You can type-in a password and get into your mail. You can type-in another password and get into a different SenseMail account with another set of mailboxes. If you were forced to type-in a password, you might give out another password to get into a “safe” account. TouchID will bring you directly to your real account.

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