SenseMail: new version is out!

What's new in 1.4?

Now you can attach documents to your letters. It is a bit tricky since you have to add a document to the app via iTunes first:

1. Connect your iPhone to a computer
2. Launch iTunes on your computer
3. Click your device in iTunes
4. Click Apps in the left bar
5. Scroll to the File Sharing section near the bottom of the page
6. Select SenseMail. You will see shared files on the right. Ignore three sqlite files – these files holds your encrypted data.
7. Drag and drop a file from your computer onto the documents list or click Add at the bottom of the list.
8. Now you can open SenseMail app on your device and attach that document to a letter.

Mail server connection

There's one important change in a way the app connects to your mail server. Now it checks the validity of the SSL certificate and if this check fails, the app refuses connection to the mail server. This was made to improve security and eliminate a way to forge a certificate to intercept your data. But we have to admit, that ones in a while the check might fail if a certificate was not configured properly. That is nearly impossible with the “big players”.

The other changes are minor bug-fixes and improvements.

What's next?

We are working on the next version now. We expect a major new feature in the next release – push notifications for a new mail!
Also we are thinking on an easier way to handle documents.

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