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Ver 2.70 is out

July, 31 2021

Redesignes and bug fixes

Ver 2.60 is out

June, 11 2021

Optimizations and bug fixes

Ver 2.40 is out

July, 11 2020

Expiring plain messages

Ver 2.21 is out

April, 21 2020

Expiring messages, shortcuts

Ver 2.0 is out

November, 6 2019

Background mode, emergency pin, dark mode and more

Ver 1.90 is out

June, 19 2019

Biometric ID, server message encryption and more

Search how to

March, 19 2019

How to find a message in SenseMail?

What types of protection are there in SenseMail?

February, 15 2019

Passwords, certificates, One-Time Certificates...

SenseMail v1.7 released!

February, 15 2019

One-Time Certificates, important messages, read receipts and more

SenseMail v1.6 released!

November, 13 2018

Search, setup assistant, multiple selection and more!

SenseMail v1.52 released!

March, 28 2018

Bug fixes, 3D-touch, new settings and other changes

Plausible deniability

November, 4 2017

What is deniability and why you may not want it?

SenseMail in diagrams

May, 15 2017

Some simple charts, explaining basic but not so obvious features

Why SenseMail is made the way it is made?

April, 21 2017

Reasons behind some SenseMail features...

All-or-nothing transform

November, 07 2016

We added an AONT to strengthen our encryption without changing the key length. What is AONT? Learn more inside...

How we generate a certificate

September, 05 2016

Certificate generation: behind the scenes.
To generate a certificate we require some amount of random data. There are plenty of sources from where we can get data, but the vast majority of them are not random and cannot be used for our certificate. Moreover, none of these sources are truly random. That's a real problem faced by any cryptography service...

SenseMail's passwords

August, 18 2016

SenseMail's paswords - what we have to make you use strong passwords.

SenseMail Threat Model

June, 27 2016

SenseMail's threat model - what threats we protect you from and how we do it.

AppStore Preview

April, 29 2016

We have made an AppStore preview for SenseMail. Check it out!

Encryption and terrorism

April, 21 2016

The importance of encryption is paramount in today’s world of ever increasing threats. The issue is that people concerned with privacy might have sinister motives as well. It is not a secret that encryption can be used for evil. Terrorists, kidnappers, blackmailers, drug dealers, etc. can use it to get away with their businesses. The solution? All the encryption must be weakened, back doored or even completely banned. Right? Let us take a look at the aftermath of weakened encryption in the real world scenario.

How to make your email secure?

March, 21 2016

When talking about email security, the most important thing that comes to the mind of most people is usually the “https” text in the address bar. According to security experts, that is just a part of the way email security works, and there are numerous other things that have to be integrated into an email client to make it highly secure.


March, 09 2016

There are a few elements of email that can be controlled by the user, so as to make sure that they have done the best they could, from their end. A major element of that security is the first thing that came to your mind when thinking of security: the password. A good password use can mean the difference between a malicious access to the account, and an account which takes years to crack.

Email is not secure. Part 2.

March, 01 2016

Hackers, the legendary creatures... But your business competitors are real. And much more evil...

Email is not secure. Part 1.

February, 22 2016

What are the main threats to your e-mail? Email security is a raging issue at the moment, and a lot of companies are grappling with the onslaught of notorious hackers who are usually interested in gaining information about the target. With all this cross-compatibility and popularity that email has gained, gaping loopholes have been opened that pose significant risk to your business information, or even worse, your private information.

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